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Relevance + Engagement

The real power of digital channels is the ability to facilitate conversations with customers and potential customers then track the ROI

Kaizen Interactive is a digital agency that believes that awareness is over-rated. We focus on building positive opinion for our clients, strengthening value-exchange, developing relevant messages and having the best post-click experience in order to provide quality leads.

Pre- Click.

| Campaign development
| Banner design
| Rich Media design
| Pay-per-click
| Email marketing
| Mobile marketing
| Social Media campaigns
| Custom Facebook Pages
| iPhone and Android Applications

Post- Click.

| Post-click strategy
| Landing page design
| Conversion paths
| Microsites
| Full-service landing page management

The Tech.

| Ad Serving
| Campaign Optimization
| Competitive Analysis
| Audience Tracking
| and more

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Kaizen Interactive | Orlando, Florida | 407.513.2801/2805